As things unfold …


Sometimes we get so excited about what God has spoken over others. We love the visions and dreams placed in their hearts. We help them work and build towards that dream, and in the process, completely bury and forget about the dreams placed in our hands.

Don’t get me wrong, it is AMAZING to help others build their dreams, and God definitely honors that. But there comes a moment where you have to pick up (or dig out) your own dreams, and run forward with them. The world needs the dreams God has placed in YOU.

Here’s where my story begins.

I realized that I am very good at pushing people. I love seeing my friends and loved ones run after their goals and dreams. I will support you, cheer you on, and encourage you to no end. I’ll hold you accountable, cover you in prayer, go to your events, stay up all night if you need me to, and remind you of your greatness time and time again. The problem is that I am not always as excited, encouraging, and proactive when it comes to my own dreams.

I have always enjoyed writing (one of my dreams is to some day write books for children) but I am usually reluctant (and very scared) to share what I write and think with other people. The truth is that the idea of it just terrifies me. I’m scared of being misunderstood or under appreciated and scared of the possibility of people not liking my work. So naturally when the idea of starting a blog came to me a few years ago, I quickly dismissed it. This was something that kept popping up from time to time, that I’d never allow myself to entertain for more than just a few seconds. Until recently, that is.

While pushing one of my friends to pursue her dream of starting a fashion blog, I just so happened to have stumbled upon my little insisting blog idea again. This time, I entertained the thought for more than a couple of seconds.

I had PLENTY of back and forths (with God, with myself, with the people closest to me), thinking, rethinking and overthinking. One day I was excited and wanted to run with it, and the next day I thought the idea was insane. I thought of every excuse in the book from “Everyone is doing it, and I don’t want to do it to be like everyone else” to “It just will not work out” to “What the heck will I even write about?”.

But …

Here we are.

So now the tables have turned, and I am learning how to be my own cheerleader. I’m learning how to encourage, and push myself and allowing others to do the same. I’m learning how to be proactive and live out my dreams along with the people who surround me.

The truth is that I’m still just as scared to share what I write with you. I’m still just as scared to make a mistake and pretty much just as scared as ever to fail. This time however, I guess I’m just willing; willing to step over the “chicken line” and stare my fears in the face. So here I am at my most vulnerable state, inviting you to be a part of the journey.

Happy Reading.            


15 thoughts on “As things unfold …



    1. I can completely relate but like I said the world needs the dreams and words God has placed in YOU. Stepping out despite your fear and trusting God is one of the most powerful things we can do, He will ALWAYS back us up. Thanks for sharing Lenda ❤️


  2. Thank you for sharing! It IS so easy to encourage others above yourself. Thank you for proving thar even though it’s difficult, it’s possibly to valiantly step into our dreams! Can’t wait to aee what else you share!


  3. Emily, if This is How your blog is starting, I cant wait to see what else you’ll write. This is amazing and I’m proud of you !!


  4. This is all too true were all so ready to pump other without realizing how great we truly are and emily you embody greatness and i know reading this will help millions

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  5. Emm!!! This is so awesome , & I am so excited to continue reading your work, and can NOT wait for you to keep unfolding this beautiful gift of yours. You are awesome!!!!!!!!!!

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  6. Yes! This was so encouraging and needed to be writen. Thank you for stepping up and being brave. I can’t wait to continue reading more, and seeing you unfold more of this beautiful Gift!!


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