IMG_0613[1]Three years ago I sat on my bed and decided to write down all of my dreams. I started off with the “little dreams”.

You know what those are, the dreams that aren’t big enough for you to be afraid of pursuing (these are the things people usually write down on their bucket list). This list ranged from “host a picnic” to “ride an elephant” (although that’s not that small a dream haha).

It just so happens that number 14 on that list was “Have a tea party”. I thought of all the little details, from what we’d wear to decoration options (I literally wrote that all down). I had completely forgotten about this list and the dream exercise and came across it a couple of nights ago as I searched through some of my old notebooks.
Not only did I realize that that “little dream” was coming to life a couple of days later but also that in these three years a lot of those dreams that I once wrote down have come true. Number 2 was “See Lion King on Broadway”, Number 10 was “Ride Dune buggies through muddy roads”, Number 16 was “Go on a huge family vacation”, just to name a few that I got to check off.

Sometimes we think that the small dreams and desires in our hearts are insignificant. We forget that God is wrapped up in ALL of our dreams (& the details required to bring them to life) even the ones that we think are pointless. We think “Why would God care about my tea party?” And forget that He is our FATHER & cares about our smallest desires.

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#TeaFor23 was much more than I could’ve ever imagined it to be. It does not compare to the picture that I had my mind. I was blessed with amazing friends and family who took my idea and brought it to life & God was all over even the tiniest of details.


-God is Good

-He cares about your small dreams, your big dreams and everything in between

-You’re allowed to dream

-No dream is too small or insignificant.

I encourage you to take some time today to write down all of your small dreams (& the big ones too) and watch them come to life. One day you might just be sitting on the floor looking through old notebooks and realize that they’ve all come true.

Here are a few pictures from my little tea party. #TeaFor23

This lovely little tea party made my heart warm. If you know me you probably know these three things #1. I loveeee anything that allows me to “play dress up” #2. I’ve grown to love tea mostly because I’m always sick and #3. I love any and all reasons/excuses to do “kiddy” things. So a tea party for my 23rd year seemed PERFECT, and oh it was!

IMG_0545[1]I am so beyond blessed to have each and everyone of them in my life. They definitely made my day. We shared tons of laughs and lots of stories. Love them all dearly.



Ashley, Taina & the rest of the Enchanted Events team,

I think that you went into my mind, took all the ideas I had and then made it a million times better. Thank you for your hard work and creativity.


My Nikki,

Words cant ever express how grateful I am for a sister and best friend like you. You always go above and beyond for me. I love you a million. Thank you for bending over backwards to support my crazy ideas.IMG_0565[1]Tasha,

I’m in love with your heart and the way you go all out for the perfect pictures. You are the BEST photographer in the world (at least in my book).


Thank you for being willing to be the only guy there, serve us with such an open heart and carrying all the heavy stuff.

IMG_0601[1]To the Best Sister in the world,

Thank you for the treats and for doing my lovely makeup. So grateful for your heart and your art and for the billions of stories you have and shared. You mean the world to me!

Yani, Merlys & Evie,

Thank you for being flexible and making sure everything was smoothly running. I love you girls.

LOVE YOU GIRLS A MILLION. Thank you for making #TeaFor23 happen.


9 thoughts on “#TeaFor23

  1. So happy to see that we were part of your naking your dream a reality it only get better from here get ready to see all your dreams unfold love you and thank you for sharing

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  2. Thank you for sharing and encouraging others (me specially) to know that dreams do come true. Writing mine out today. 🌹🎁💐🎉🙅

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  3. Anything for you sweetheart. You have grown to become such a beautiful young lady in the past 9 years that I have known you. You’re my lil sister in love. Glad I was able to be there and embrace this moment with you.

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  4. Princess Em words cannot begin to describe how proud I am of you. Thank you for reminding us that God really cares for the little details and the little dreams we have. Thank you for always being you, genuine , sweet and so kiddy when need it. Love you and I declare a year full of new revelations, conquer territories, more dreams come true. And ultimately all the great things that Poppa has for you that is yet to come.

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