Joy is everything you need

Disclaimer: This post was written by my 7 (soon to be 8) year old niece. She wrote this without anyone giving her a topic or influencing her words. She truly inspires me. I love her to pieces❤️Joy is everything you need. First in order to have joy you need to let GOD in your heart and life. Then you start feeling big changes like when you did not have GOD in your heart and life you lied,  now you might still lie but you don’t do bad things like you used to that’s how joy works.

Joy is something you need that keeps you happy. It’s something in your spirit that takes away the sadness. The closer you get to God the more joy you get.

Things that bring me joy

  2. Playing Tag
  3. Art
  4. Quality time with my parents
  5. JESUS

What brings YOU joy?