My heart has been Heavy these past couple of days. It has been a very difficult week for many. There is tons of negativity going on around us, from tragic shootings to hate and division. Many people are mourning, some are full of hate and some are afraid.
In these times it’s easy to focus on the negative things going on around us and allow those feelings to consume us. It’s easy to open the door to fear and live with restrictions, wanting to run and hide. It’s easy to look at ALL of our nation’s problems or short comings and fall into thinking that because you’re just ONE person you can’t make a change.

We forget that everything leading towards change starts off small. When darkness surrounds us the only way to rise above it is by BEING LIGHT.

YOU (& I) can make a difference.

It starts in our everyday life.

We are called to display hope to the hopeless. We are called to love the unloved. We are called to do things that others won’t. Whether it’s coming together to pray, showing your local police officers appreciation by baking them cookies, or simply greeting people with a smile.

The little things you do make a difference. In a world full of hate and separation, your love and the way you SHINE brings hope to the distraught.
The world needs the LIGHT within you. Shine brightly today ❤️

How are you being LIGHT?

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