Monday Reminders

Sometimes the simplest reminders can put things into perspective for us. It’s easy to get caught up in our day to day life and forget simple truths. My heart behind this post is that you are reminded of how amazing and cared for you are. I know that some of you (or a couple) need to be reminded of the greatness inside of you.

1. You are AMAZING with your flaws and all.
2. You are LOVED and cared for (since before you were born).
3. The small things that you do matter, Your work is appreciated.
4. There is something inside of you that ONLY you can share with the world. The world is SO BLESSED to have YOU.
5. You ARE creative. Your thoughts, ideas and visions are heavenly.
6. You are worthy of love. Be nice to yourself.
7. You are strong enough to endure hardship. You were made to conquer mountains.

You are GOLD. ❤️

I pray that you each and everyone of you is reminded of this throughout this week.

fullsizerender 10-1

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