Take your seat

September is usually a month of readjustments for me. 

It’s the transition between summer and the back to school/work/ministry season. This month is always full of new beginnings, challenges and adjusment. 

In late August I am already thinking of the responsibilities that this new month will bring forth and if I’m not very careful it is easy for me to feel overwhelmed by it all. 

To be honest … 

I’m usually NOT very careful 

And September often greets me with a little excitement and MUCH anxiety. 

This time around worry crept up a bit earlier then usual. Early in August I started to ask myself questions. What will this school year be like? Will my classes be challenging? Will I get a new job? Will I be able to balance it all and do things with excellence? Can I do it?

Worry and fear came in and I allowed them to take up room in my heart.

 Just like that. 

It wasn’t until later in the month that I realized the cycle. THIS ALWAYS HAPPENS. 

Every single September of my life I have partnered with worry and fear. I have wasted time looking at all the things that could go wrong instead of counting on all the things that could go RIGHT. 

Every September I’d get up from my Daughter seat and look at things from the point of view of a little orphan girl who doesn’t know her father. 

You see, I realized that my eyes were fixed on the wrong things and each September (& the changes/adjustments that came along with it) were shifting my focus from Jesus to whatever challenges I was about to face. 

This time I welcomed September with an expectant heart. Being aware of His goodness, walking in favor , Expecting miracles, and being surrounded by Peace. I welcomed September sitting on my seat as a DAUGHTER. 

It’s ALL in our perspective. Things seem a lot less scarier when we remember who and who’s we are, that ALL OF HEAVEN is rooting for us and that Jesus turns things around in our favor. 

Son/Daughter, sit in your seat again, readjust your vision/focus and watch anxiety crumble before you. 

This September choose to walk in your sonship and embrace the challenges ahead with an expectant heart. 


3 thoughts on “Take your seat

  1. Love it!!!!!!!!!!!! This will be an amazing season ❤ I will definitely be #expectinghisgoodness
    OGR makes Mondays great! Love you my sweet Em


  2. Amazed! I have seen first hand the ways that you’ve taken your daughter seat. It makes me SO proud, AND encourages me, and others to do the same, #ExpectingHisGoodness in your life, and in my own. Love you!


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