Serving from Overflow


I absolutely love seeing people with hearts of service, people who serve others and lead them well. Serving in the kingdom is such a beautiful thing, it’s the moment we get to GIVE BACK/Testify about all that God has given us to another person. What I LOVE even more is how different that looks for each person. Some get to do this by preaching to a crowd, others by greeting people, and others simply by expressing themselves through body movement.

And we do it SO WELL.

One of the loveliest characteristics of the church is the serving hearts. The hearts that want to GIVE,GIVE,GIVE, the hearts that want others to experience the heart of God towards them.

A problem our hearts often face is that we do not know how to simply sit back sometimes and receive, to let ourselves be served by other hearts of service.
This past weekend I attended an amazing women’s conference, She is Free (those of you who follow on social media know because I COULD NOT stop talking about it). I had the honor to serve alongside amazing and beautiful people. One of the things that stood out to me the most was their service, how attentive to detail they were. I found myself completely in love with their hearts towards every single woman that walked through the doors. They thought of everything from placing offering envelopes perfectly straight on the chairs to making sure that the sanctuary was absolutely perfect for when these women came in. But what ministered to me the most was how urgent it was in their hearts to make sure that the volunteers and staff also had the space and time to receive. They’d say things like “If you feel like the calling (alter call) is for you ABANDON your post and answer to the call (get prayed over)”. They reminded me of the importance of simply receiving and getting fed.

“I just feel like its necessary to seek him seek him seek him. God is not monotonous, hes everywhere and in everything, and sometimes stepping out and doing something LIKE a conference, like going to another church’s service, like sitting through your own or going to a service that you don’t go to in your own church pumps you up and renews you” 

-Nicole DeLaCruz

It’s individual.. whatever stepping out and receiving means to you.

When we take the time out to get fed and receive, God does something new in us, our family, our ministry, our church. After all you can’t fill others’ cups when yours is running on empty. We need to constantly remind ourselves that in order to pour into others we must allow Jesus to pour into us first.

Dear Hearts of Service,

You are GOLD. Heaven is so in awe and appreciative of who you are and how you give yourself in service. Your work is valuable. But please remember to allow other hearts who are just like yours to serve you. YOU DESERVE IT.

Please allow yourself the time to receive just as much as you serve because we must continue to be fed in order to give more. Step out, put yourself first at times, let God pour into you. Praying for overflow!

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