Breaking the Barrier

Growing up I didn’t have a close relationship with my parents. Conversations with them often seemed forced and awkward, so I rarely talked to them about things that mattered to me. The older I got, the more disconnected we grew.

Of course I LOVE my parents to death. They are HUGE Gems from above! And although our relationship was very superficial at one point (as in not very deep at all) God has a way of turning things around.

As I have mentioned before I didn’t grow up in a Christian home. My sister introduced me to Christ at a young age and my parents would rather drop me off at church and leave than to actually attend a service with us.

Of course there were exceptions like Christmas services or whenever we were involved in anything.

But God was doing something in the midst of that, he had/has been working in their hearts for years.

In the blink of an eye my dad gave his life to Christ. Seriously, this was such a random, from one day to the next, moment (this is a story for another day).

And I started seeing how God was moving in my family and relationship with my parents.
Things started to shift. Conversing with them came much easier and letting them into the depths of my heart didn’t seem as hard as before anymore. I started to share things close to my heart with them (still working at this), I started to be intentional. Sometimes I’d just sit quietly as they told me stories that weren’t at all interesting to me. Sometimes I’d lay in bed next to them for a couple of minutes watching Spanish soap operas (which I totally hate).

A couple of months ago I sat with my dad for hours at the kitchen table helping him study for a test he had to take. This simple thing would’ve probably felt like a burden to me before but I saw Jesus in the midst of this and helping him warmed my heart.
Simple acts of intentionality began to break down barriers and walls that had kept us distant from each other for so many years.

I started to see and experience my parents in a different light.

My father has a HUGE heart and loves people so genuinely. His mere presence is super inviting and welcoming. He doesn’t care who or how you are he WILL make you feel at home when he’s around.

That’s one of the things I love about him.

This past Saturday I found myself sitting in his car completely in awe of All that God had done and has been doing in his life, in OUR relationship.
After serving at our church’s children’s conference ALL day, we drove home with my cousin & one of our awesome friends. We felt in our hearts to just encourage and speak goodness over his life so we started to speak out God’s heart towards him.
I watched him tear up and absorb all God had for him. I watched him and saw something I’d never seen before. I felt a connection. He then opened his heart and shared testimonies of how good God has been to him with us.

I felt God completely wrap our hearts together and I saw RESTORATION.

There is beauty in the ashes of our lives. We just have to be willing to BREAK DOWN the barriers and place those ashes in the hands of He who makes all things beautiful. 

Guys, God is invested in FAMILIES. 

He restores what is broken, damaged or “unfixable”.

I encourage you to take a day out of the week to just sit and talk with your parents.

There’s blessings for you in the hearts and hands of your parents, Provoke your blessing and see all that God can do.

I promise you that one day, like me you’ll sit back and be in complete AWE of what He’s done.


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One thought on “Breaking the Barrier

  1. I love the word “RESTORATION” because is the heart of our Father to see lives, relationships/families restored.
    This past week I embraced my mom and cried on her shoulders something I had not done in years.
    As Christians is possible to forget the importance of going back to the arms of the ones who first held us. And remember how easy it was to cry in the arms of our parents. To just be you without trying to portray we are so strong that we unable to be vulnerable.
    I am learning to be a child again and run to the arms of my mom and as much as I wish my earthly father would have been alive to cry to him too! I know I can run to my Heavenly Father who always has His arms open for me.
    Just yesterday in church I was surrounded by different people and the word “TOGETHER” was ringing in my soul, heart and mind. I understood what the Holy Spirit was telling me.
    He was telling me He wants all His children to come together because that is the heart of the Father and it pleases our Dad to live together. My spirit began to feel the overwhelming joy of a good Father and how He wants His children to live. ☺️
    Family, yes!!! 👪


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