Color the world

When you were born you were given a song,

a language,

your very own touch of heaven.

You were made to shadow the CREATOR, to paint this world with the colors of His love and to sing your song of hope.

Your hands hold heavenly gifts and your heart is home to them.
The gifts and passions placed in your hands and heart are key instruments in the song of Freedom being played over this Earth.


“Your self-expression is a great service to the world” -Danilella LaPorte



1. the expression of one’s feelings, thoughts, or ideas, especially in writing, art, music, or dance.

When you express yourself you bring forth a new set of colors into this planet.
Your art, whatever that may be, hosts HIS presence.

Ever wonder why it is that people can feel moved by a painting? Or touched by a dance? or inspired by a poem?
We see this from Broadway to Books to Museums.
I believe it is because we feel the very breath of God through it.
The unique way in which you express yourself carries something powerful.

When you are genuine and unapologetically you in your self-expression people FEEL it.

Have you ever heard a song that touched the depths of your heart and then struggled to find the words that adequately describe the feelings it brought you?
That is a fruit of self-expression.

We love to connect to others through storytelling and your BEST stories are told when you’re vulnerable and doing what you do best. 

This past Saturday (October 15, 2016) I attended an awesome Event. A Christian Poetry Jam hosted by True Voices, whose goal is to reach this generation for Christ through proclaiming the Gospel in artistic, relevant & urban avenues.

This event, entitled “Fall Harvest”, featured amazing poets and artists and people joined together to share stories… and of course, JESUS.

Poetry, I believe, is one of the most beautiful ways of capturing the world. It’s soft and gentle yet audacious and mysterious. It’s songs without the music and a hiding place for treasured thoughts.

From the time I found out about this event, the name seemed to stand out to me. I couldn’t get over it.  As I sat in the audience and listened to the hearts of sons and daughters, I quickly realized why this event was given its name.

In a Harvest you gather what is grown from the previous seasons in which you have sown.
These #Bars were written in the sowing seasons. These poets sowed during death and breakups and heartaches and misunderstandings, but also through moments of laughter and celebration, tears and joys. And that moment (when they stood up and bravely shared their voice) I saw fruits of a Harvest.  They were able to gather the fruits of their hard seasons because they looked forward to and expected that someday the harvest would be plenty.

It is inspiring to see the way that the unique expression of ONE brave heart can touch tons of others, how one overcomed hardship can spark hope into others in similar situations.

I was reminded of beauty and truth. When you sow, it doesn’t matter how long it takes for your seeds to grow, eventually YOU WILL REAP and others will always eat of the fruit you gather.

A letter to the poets:

I am so grateful to have enjoyed your gathered fruits. Thank you for your vulnerability, courage and art; for giving the world just a little more color. Your poems filled me with joy and hope. They made me laugh, snap until my fingers hurt (because we snapped, instead of clapping) and tear. I was reminded that I am not alone in the struggles that I often face and that Joy comes in the morning. You were ALL a beautiful reminder of how Jesus turns all to good and that you are never alone in your self expression. Thank you for standing up and co laboring with the Holy Spirit to write and paint and  bring out the specific set of colors given unto you, into the world. Keep filling the places you walk through with color.

P.S I totally suggest you guys consider going to a future True Voices event, I promise you will LOVE it.

More on Self Expression

Without Self-Expression, life lacks spontenuity and joy.

-Laurence G. Boldt

Faith Marie Rodriguez- poet/writer/blogger


“To me, self-expression means giving yourself a chance to be transparent and vulnerable through the things that bring you the most joy. I portray that by allowing myself to write even when it’s difficult, or when I think I’m not qualified to write about a specific topic, or when I don’t think I’m writing well enough to reach others”


Randy Geronimo- photographer

“Self expression: to me is the right to portray either through words or art about how we feel/ or what we want others to see about something specific!
Through photography I incorporate self-expression by allowing others to see the world the way I see it. Whether it is by capturing a spontaneous moment or doing a portrait that reflects the beauty of a person who probably didn’t really see it before the photo was taken.”


Argelis Capellan- Dancer

img_4828“Self expression to me would be a way of expression that you feel comfortable with. For example, I don’t know how to express myself the way I want to, so dance is what allows me to express what I really feel inside; using different choreography allows me to express myself”


Taina Fong- Fashion Blogger


“Self expression to me is expressing your uniqueness while recognizing your flaws and still keeping your head up.I put together an outfit that represents me, and my style. A style in which i feel comfortable but will also show my personality”


Ashley Castro- Event Planner/Event Designer


“Self expression is expressing your ideas and feelings through art or music. For me it  would be event planning or event designing. Self expression to me is more about expressing my passion and showing who I am through that, because I do believe that passion defines you, your character, your feelings. It shows people a lot. Your passion defines your identity. When I’m decorating or putting something together you can tell who I am through it. You can tell “she’s creative”, “she’s detailed”, “she puts her time into it”, “she’s dedicated” and that is a lot of who I am. Self expression is showing who you are through what you’re passionate about and what you love to do. It shows your heart. “


Feel free to follow them,write to them, subscribe to their pages, book them (seriously they’re amazing) & share your stories.

Dear Readers,
Find your passion, build up the courage and bring out your new set of colors into the world. Trust me, we need it. Your self expression makes a difference!
Go off and COLOR THE WORLD Brave hearts. ❤️



Enjoy some pictures from Saturday’s event.




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