Beating Monday Blues

img_4937Monday’s can be a drag. They can feel super long, draining and exhausting, especially when you have a long day ahead. On Sunday night we go to bed already wishing that Monday will go by quick (and it usually doesn’t).

I was never a fan of Mondays. I was that person that woke up on Sunday morning and prayed that the day would pass by super slow in order to savor the weekend a little while longer or that we could somehow fast forward on Mondays. Can you relate?

The weekend always felt too short and Monday’s just seemed like a “kill joy”, because of the way that I viewed it. Nine times out of ten this was my worst day of the week (or one of them). I was often moody and cranky and no fun to be around.


I decided to look at Monday’s a little differently and prepare for a good day.

I realized this…
Monday’s bring forth a new week full of new responsibilities, tasks and things to overcome and my mindset COMPLETELY dictates how my day will go. So I started to be practical. I started to change my language.

Here are 3 things to do differently to ensure a BETTER Monday ❤️

1. Prepare

Ask yourself “What practical things can I do the night before to give myself the least possible amount of work in the morning?” And then do that.

Pick out your clothes, plan your breakfast, prepare your lunch, do everything that you can do to make your life easier on Monday morning.
It’s important to prepare to treat yourself somehow…

Pack your favorite snack, Plan something FUN, Do something that you can look forward to .
As you may know I usually publish my blog posts on Mondays. This has allowed me to look forward to the day. Instead of being cranky throughout the day, I’m actually excited and satisfied with doing something that I really like.

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare. I promise you it’ll go a LONG way.

2. Wake up with anticipation

  Have the mindset that something GREAT will happen and it will. Oftentimes when we are soaking in our “Monday Blues”, it’s harder to see the good that surrounds us. It’s a good day to have a good day!

Now, Its almost offensive to me when I hear people talk badly about Mondays. It all starts in you taking away the Monday negativity and declaring what you want to see throughout this day.

THIS IS THE DAY THAT THE LORD HAS MADE, let us rejoice and BE GLAD in it.

3. Smile


 A smile changes everything.
When we smile it sends messages to our brain which then reinforces feelings of JOY (I’m not kidding, go look it up). So even if we aren’t feeling so excited about the day, we can trick our brain to reinforce feelings of Joy with just a simple smile. Go ahead, try it.

I challenge you to look at the BRIGHT side of Monday’s.

Monday’s are a FRESH start, a new day followed by a new week. Start it with your best foot forward.

Happy Monday❤️


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