Catalyst for Change


Have you ever been so bothered by certain circumstances that you feel a burning desire in your heart to initiate some kind of change?

Recently, more than ever, I have found myself in situations that make me very uncomfortable. The kind of discomfort that brings about a burning desire in your heart and keeps you up at night thinking of ways to make things better.

I strongly believe that we are strategically placed in these kind of situations to transform the atmosphere around us. We are called to be Catalyst in the places where our hearts burn to see transformation.

A catalyst causes (or accelerates) chemical changes without itself undergoing permanent chemical change.

Their mere function is to change the environment around them to accommodate to something that they already hold or are aware of.

Our job is to work as Catalysts in our environments. We are called to not only bring about change to the places that surround us but to also act as a substance that increases the rate of this change.

What if the things that we are uncomfortable with at our jobs are the things we are called to rearrange? What if the things troubling us in our home/family life are the things God wants to reorder? What if the things bothering us in our churches are the places where God wants to bring revival?

When you’re uncomfortable you have two choices

1. Ignore the discomfort or 

2. Rise up to the challenge 

Your current situation is waiting for a catalyst to speed up the change. 

Will it be you? 


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