Dearest Reader


This week I found myself contemplating on a thought I recently had. I realized that we don’t tell people that we’re proud of them enough, especially the people around us, that we know and love. 

Sometimes we assume they know; sometimes we overlook their courageous acts; sometimes we just forget that people need to hear it from us. So I’m making it my business to tell you, in place of those who’ve forgotten to remind you lately. 

Dear You, yes YOU, whether it’s your first time reading or you’re an OGR subscriber, whether I know you personally or not,

I am SO proud of you.

For overcoming faults, for choosing to continue on bravely, for allowing others to love on you, for conquering mountains (even those that may seem like “hills” to others), for choosing joy in times of weakness, for fighting for a better version of you, for staring fear in the face, for rising up against all odds. 

I am proud that you’ve made it THIS far.I am overjoyed by the small victories you’ve had and the many more to come. 

Today I celebrate you❤️

Because you are worthy, because you are loved, because God sits on His throne and is delighted by your mere existence. 

Today I remind you, my friend,

That God is proud of the good fight you’ve been fighting. But most of all, that He’s in the battle field alongside you. 

Today I encourage you beloved,

to lock these truths in your heart and tell those around you how proud you are of them, for the big things, for the small things, for the things in between. 

Let’s be intentional. Let’s build each other up. Let’s remind one another of the greatness already inside us. Trust me, someone needs to hear it from you today. 

#CelebrateTheSmallThings #ImSoProudOfYou


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