Dear Women,

Aside from the usual “You are a worthy princess” reminder, I wanted to shine a light on something that is failed to be mentioned. Although that is a very true statement, it is one that we often hear. We have been conditioned to believe that that is the only thing that we are.

Yes, you are a princess.

A beautiful, worthy and valuable one but what isn’t said enough is this;
You are also a warrior.

Your strength is to be admired. 
You carry life and love beautifully. 

Even your silence shows strength and has the ability to give peace.
You ease burdens my dear and posses enough within you to break free from the lies that hold you back.

You embody resilience, endurance and compassion.Those are your greatest weapons.

Your conquered wars, your battle scars, and the grace with which you walk all paint a picture of the growth and strength you continue to show.

You are indeed worthy of praise. 
Remember Queen, 
once a warrior ALWAYS a warrior. 

Keep fighting


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