Not Just Words

If you’ve noticed, I’ve been off the blog for a while now.

Its been 3 whole weeks.

This was done both intentional and unintentional. I sat up in bed with the laptop, looking at a blank screen, several times last month. I tried, from time to time, to type up a blog post, but for some reason I wasn’t able to do so. This was not your “normal” case of Writer’s Block nor was it one of those “I don’t know what I should write about” moments. I just simply could not find the effort needed to share any content with you all.

    I wanted to write but every time I seemed to build up some strength and courage to do so, It vanished rather quickly.

But God is good y’all.

Day after day for these past three weeks he’s been reminding me of a simple truth. Something that I already knew but needed to witness everyday for a while to really, well, KNOW.

My words have power.

Over the course of the last few weeks the Lord has constantly been singing this over me.

And the things that I have spoken into existence have unfolded before my very eyes. I’d say things, even jokingly and they would happen. Things I spoke about months ago started to resurface to remind me of the authority behind my voice. 

I realize that There are so many times that I’ve hid, that I’ve been quiet, that I haven’t written what needs to be said. 

Because of fear, because of pain, because of comfort.

But guess what? 

It’s not only about me!

My words are NOT only to benefit me.

They’re for you, for the rest of the world, for whoever’s suppose to come in contact with them.

To not speak up is to hog God’s goodness, deprive others from the experience. To not speak up is to refuse to partner with him to create and sow into the architecture of this world. To not speak up is to be selfish.

So this is both an encouragement and an apology. 

I am sorry for keeping in the words that some of y’all needed.

I now realize the weight of what has been given unto me. 

My words aren’t the only ones with power though. Yours have power too.

They’re not “just words” they’re partnership, they’re rays of sunshine, they’re hope to someone in need. 

So whether you say it, sing it, or write it; use your words, use your art, use your story to tell of His goodness. 

The world is waiting. 

Happy Monday❤

7 thoughts on “Not Just Words

  1. Thank you so much for this!! Been feeling just like you did these past months!! But God is awesome and He always comes on time!! It’s time to declare God’s power through our words!! Keep it up!! God bless you!! ❤

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