Stop & Listen

God is always speaking but sometimes we miss what he’s saying because we aren’t listening.

He won’t always talk to you in the same way. Sometimes he whispers and we have to really listen, sometimes he ROARS and we easily know it’s him, sometimes He uses our surroundings to reveal to us parts of who He is. In order to be aware of how He is speaking we have to constantly stay on our toes. It’s all part of the adventure.

Often times we miss out on the things God is is saying because we underestimate the messenger.

We think a child isn’t old enough or smart enough, a teenager isn’t mature enough and some adults just aren’t “christian enough” or just don’t hear from God. Those are ALL very wrong beliefs. LIES.

God can use anything and everyone to bless us, this doesn’t take away from the reality that we must weigh the words we get and we shouldn’t allow EVERYONE to pour into our lives. We must be careful and evaluate who we are receiving from. What we shouldn’t do is dismiss a word based solely on your perception or view of the person who is giving it to you.

Be wise but also be open to the lords creative ways of speaking!

Sometimes the things that will impact you the most will come from the people that  seem least “fit”.

Are you listening?




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