Love notes at the crosswalk

img_6446Every time I get off the bus by my house I notice the same exact thing. The light at the crosswalk is always either red or changes right then and there in order for me to cross the street. It has become something that I constantly look for.

At first I didn’t really think much of it. I noticed that it’d always happen and sort of leave things at that. But then I realized what it was. A love note.

I love that God is a romantic.

His love for you is written all over your daily life, if you open your eyes.

Over the last few years I’ve become obsessed with finding His little love notes all around me. It makes everyday feel like a scavenger hunt. So I started keeping what I would call a “Grace log”. I would write down every little love note I saw, like the one time I planned to buy a pair of boots that I needed and the very next day was randomly gifted with TWO pairs of boots by my sister or the time that I finally found (without really looking) and bought a very specific nail polish that I wanted but couldn’t find anywhere.

This was a way for me to remember that He constantly and intentionally showers me with love and grace. But what it also did was tune my eyes to see the things that I often overlooked.

The Love notes are always there, they’re just waiting to be seen by you.

Open your eyes, tune your ears and look for them written over your lives today. ❤


2 thoughts on “Love notes at the crosswalk

  1. I love this. Never saw it in that way. We are constantly moving and don’t notice the little things God does for us each and every day. He is even in the details of our lives.

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