International Women’s Day

img_6490-2International Women’s day is a day that globally celebrates the advancement of women, a day that honors the women who have paved a way for the generations behind them.
We stand on the shoulders of strong women that have fought and even sacrificed their lives in order for us to walk in more freedom today.

Therefore, this is also a day that encourages equality, boldness AND change.

All over the world “ordinary” women are standing up and using their voices to go after what they believe is right. Everyday we pass the “ordinary” heroes working towards global change with the small steps that they take in their day to day life.

WOMAN, your life enhances LIFE around you.

In honor of the women who fight for what they believe in, of the women who stand up against small (or huge) injustices. In honor of the strong women who carry heavy loads (of responsibilities, of expectations, of laundry),

 In honor of WOMEN period.

Because you are strong, because you are fighters and builders and dreamers. .

You are seen, acknowledged and appreciated.


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