An Everlasting Spring


Happy Second Day of SPRING! 🌷🌹

I am so excited for spring this year, mostly because I dislike the cold weather but also because I love watching as the earth transforms during spring each year.

The way that the planet renews itself is one of the most beautiful things in the world to me. Seasons are essential for our planet. In the fall, the trees shed their leaves and prepare for the hardships of the cold weather the winter brings. In spring, rain showers the ground and flowers/leaves start to bloom adorning the earth in preparation for summer.

Each season is preparing the earth for the next. Just like each season in our lives prepares us as well.

A few months ago I came to the conclusion that I was living a “Spiritual Spring”. Spring is known for the newness that it brings. It is known for nourishing the earth with it’s showers and the sprout of new life (blooming flowers). I realized that it was SPRING in my life because of all of the newness that came along (in every aspect) and all the things that were blooming.

I was aware of this newness and constantly nurturing it.

A couple of days ago something dawned on me….

Seasons Change

(Duh, we all know this).

I found myself thinking “It won’t be Spiritual Spring forever” because it is a law of nature that seasons change.

Being that I gave spring a name to represent it (newness) I did the same with the other seasons. Summer represents times of rest/enjoyment .Fall represents letting go. Winter represents hardships/obstacles (clearly I’m not too fond of the winter y’all).

I thought of my life in this “spiritual spring” season so far. As I sat there analyzing the last couple of months I recognized that there wasn’t an absence of the “other seasons” (hardships, letting go or rest/enjoyment). Focusing on the new that God was doing and how He’d been working in my life allowed me to look forward to the next adventure with him.

Newness is something to be pursued.

It is NOT just something that comes and goes from one day to the next…. or it doesn’t have to be.

Therefore “Spiritual Spring” is ALWAYS in season (if you choose it to be) because there is something different to discover everyday.

We can’t accurately describe God with our human words and our brains can’t properly understand all that he is. Therefore getting to know him is a constant adventure and there is something about Him for us to discover everyday.

Newness is available to us daily but it’s up to us to open our eyes, ears,minds, hearts to it and go after it.

Be in pursuit of “SPRING” (newness).
It’s meant to be Everlasting 🌷🌹


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