Use your Words

IMG_0516Working with toddlers, one of my most overused phrases in the classroom is

Use your words“.

Toddlers are inclined to cry, about everything, and although most of them have enough vocabulary to explain why they’re crying or voice what they need, that isn’t always their initial reaction. Instead they cry about wanting a snack or untied shoe laces or about wanting to sleep but not wanting to lay down (yes this actually happens).
We are then expected to play a guessing game. “Does something hurt? Are you hungry? Are you tired? “.

And eventually you become an expert, learning to tell their cries and/or body language apart.
This week my everyday phrase took on a whole new meaning.

Last weekend was rather eventful and come Monday I was already exhausted enough for the whole week.
I got very little rest (because my sleeping patterns are a mess right now), I needed to deal with toddlers for 8 hours for the next 5 days before Spring Break, I had readings to do, homework assignments to work on, blog posts to prepare (clearly I haven’t been keeping up with y’all AT ALL). Life was happening.

So from the very beginning of the week I knew I needed a couple of things; rest, strength, patience, grace, His yoke in exchange for mine.
I knew it. He knew it. But…I didn’t choose to ask.
It seems silly right?

God knows us. He KNOWS us. Our innermost parts, our deepest and darkest, our desires, our passions, our prayers said and unsaid; so why even ask?

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”

Matthew 7:7

Asking opens up the door to receiving.

The Lord already knows our hearts and what we want and need but when we approach him like our Father, asking/voicing our needs, He responds to that, he opens the door.

At times we approach God like orphans dancing around what we really want to say instead of approaching Him like Sons and Daughters knocking on Dad’s door.

So don’t just sit around with your wants/needs, USE YOUR WORDS. He’s waiting for you to ask Him.


3 thoughts on “Use your Words

  1. LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤ Definately A MUST read. It reminds me of when the lort was like tell her to just ask, and I am honored to see the fruits of that, you asking has opened up doors and attracted favor and abundance to your life! Love it butterfly

    Liked by 1 person

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