Into something beautiful 

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I love giving my loved ones a platform to share themselves with the world. I am so blessed by them and want you guys to be too❤️

I’ve known Massiel since high school, we were in home room together and have been inseparable since. Our friendship has survived tons of turmoil and she has taught me so much about strength, honor and counting it ALL joy.

I’ve been able to witness her messes firsthand and the grace with which she handles the situations placed on her path.

 I am forever thankful for her life, friendship and testimony of Jesus.

It was one sunny morning, in my kindergarten class, when my teacher gave us the task of drawing frosty the snowman. Happy little me took paper and a pencil and began to draw him. I drew the head.. big circle.. perfect.. I smiled. As I drew his body I messed up…

…:and to my luck my pencil had no eraser. I was so upset wanted to tear the whole paper. I had messed up Frosty and there was no going back. Mrs. Clayborne realized something was wrong and with tears in my eyes I asked for an eraser. When she asked why I needed one I pointed at my huge mistake. I messed up frosty. She then said “Frosty is fine, you did an awesome job, just keep going from there. Don’t stop” She took my hand and helped me finish drawing the rest of his body and boy oh boy did he look great. Shortly after, I added his eyes and his nose. My mistake was no longer visible, I couldn’t even tell I ever made one.

 At five years old in a matter of ten minutes I had learned my biggest life lesson(s)…

First I learned that it’s okay to fail, it’s okay to make mistakes. This is what life’s all about. We need to fail, in order to succeed. You can only really appreciate beauty when you witness its needs. We are not perfect, and to live up to the expectations of others is senseless. It taught my that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, that mistakes can only make you bolder. And now that I’m older and I look back to this day Roman 28 has never made more sense.

“ And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose”.

Let our loving God turn your “mess” into something beautiful. This tough situation that your’re going through isn’t meant to destroy you, it’s only meant to mold you. Remember this is part of the process, years later you will only look back to laugh at this. Its only a stepping stone and God is with you…you are NEVER alone.

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