Fairy Tale Endings

Oftentimes we recognize fairy tales for their happily ever afters. We love stories with happy endings and turn around events. A little part of us longs to have the same kind of ending in our own lives.

pablo (16)

We forget the details of those specific fairy tales and only remember the “magical” moments. We dismiss the fact that Cinderella was a slave in her own home, Snow White had to flee from her jealous stepmother into the forest, Belle had to stay as a prisoner in a beast’s castle in order to protect her father, and Rapunzel’s feet had never touched the earth’s floor because she was imprisoned in a tower for years.

Some time ago, during a transitioning season in her life, I remember a friend saying the following words… and they have rung in my heart ever since.

“Fairy Tales do exist
They start off ugly”


Everything starts off as a nightmare in our favorite “Princesses” stories but as the stories continue the characters have a turn of events and end with Prince Charming (the happily ever after).

I will admit…
I have “happily ever after syndrome”, or so I’ve been told. It’s when you expect every book you read, movie you see and moment you live to somehow turn out to have a happy ending. Unhappy endings hurt my heart, really. To me, they don’t seem to finish the story.


I don’t think that’s as unrealistic as it may tend to sound. I have met very few people who dislike happy endings.

We are human. We love “happily ever afters”. 

We’re drawn to them like moths to a flame. 
We’re destined for the fairytale life. 


Jesus died on the cross for our happily ever afters. God tore the veil for our happily ever afters.The Holy Spirit came to make home in our hearts for our happily ever afters.

Your stormy moments in life have a turn around event, they have a Prince Charming like, princess (or prince) crowning moment.

Your life’s story is meant to be a good one because you have a GOOD Father who wants nothing but to turn the ashes of your life into something beautiful.

It’s easy to be experiencing the ugly side of the story and focus on everything that’s going wrong. Little do we know in those times that those moments will somehow lead to our fairy tale endings.

Take your current storm, situation or “being a slave to your evil stepmother” crisis and remember that this is NOT where it is destined to end. It is and will work out for your absolute good.

Happily ever afters were made with your name in mind. Your story is meant to end in paradise❤️


P.S I got to participate in Ashley’s Fairy tale “happily ever after” this past weekend and Oh was it AMAZING.

Here are a few pictures to enjoy




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