Both Sides of the Stones


The adulterous woman is thrown NAKED at Jesus feet in the temple. Her accusers are surrounding her and ready to stone her to death for her sins. But Jesus, writing something on the ground, not even looking up to acknowledge the accusers, says

“Whoever is without sin may cast the first stone”.

One by one the stones drop and the room empties out. I can see this scene so clearly. I can almost hear the sound of stones as they hit the ground and feel her accelerated heartbeat as it must’ve raced like never before.

I think of this story and I can see myself in the people on both sides of the stones.

I have been like the adulterous woman, thrown on the floor with the odds against me and drowning in shame. I’ve been her when I’ve felt like my mistakes have weighed more than my daughtership and when people didn’t seem to be able to look past them.

Yet, I have also been like the accusers ready to stone someone for their sins and mistakes and forgetting about my own, forgetting what it feels like to be in the opposite position. I’ve been them at times where I am judgemental and construct my view of someone solely on what I know and/or have heard that they’ve done.



I want to be like Jesus in this scenario.
I want to go against the culture that says that you must get publicly stoned for your sin and the people that are so willing and ready to do the stoning. I want to know Love & give that off, when others refuse to. I want to extend kindness in the moments where it is NOT AT ALL expected. I want to see people for who they are and not how they sin. I want to show the Father’s Heart.

I’m not at all dismissing the fact that sin is sin and that there are real consequences for our actions. I’m simply shedding light on an issue we are too familiar with…

Our job as the body of Christ is NOT to stone, it is to correct in LOVE and lead people to the Father. I don’t want to be the stoned or the stoner. I want GRACE to ooze out of me.
But most importantly I want my response to people to guide and lead them to freedom, to the Father and encourage a change. 
How can I be like Jesus in these situations? In everyday life?

Then Jesus stood up again and said to the woman, “Where are your accusers? Didn’t even one of them condemn you?”
“No, Lord,” she said.
And Jesus said, “Neither do I. Go and sin no more.”
-John 8:10-11

“I don’t condemn you, go and sin no more”

There is no love in condemnation.
There is no love in shame.

And nothing done without love can change someone or correct them. Better yet, NOTHING DONE WITHOUT LOVE speaks of God.

Let us not forget the crosses that we bare, let us hold each other’s hands and strengthen one another in the healing process, let us learn to LOVE, correct and redirect well.

Remember that there’s grace, that instead of talking about someone or judging their sin we should LOVE them and walk with them to wholeness.

Lets stand up as we watch the accusers leave. Let’s drop the stones and pick up grace.
Let’s LOVE like Jesus.

The world needs less people on both sides of the stones and more people writing on the ground.



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