Flap your Wings



We don’t always comprehend or give credit to the fact that we are ridiculously powerful beings. It’s hard to think that even our smallest of acts can affect the world at large.

“You have been created with the ability to change the world. Every single choice you make, every single action you take MATTERS. But remember the converse is also true, every choice you do not make, every action you do not take matters just as much.”

-Andi Andrews, The Lost Choice

The Theory

The butterfly effect is the scientific theory that a single occurrence, no matter how small can change the course of the universe forever.

This theory states that even the flap of a butterfly’s wings can change the air around it so much so that a tornado breaks out two continents away.

It’s easy to dismiss the fact that such a tiny creature has the power to affect the world in such a huge way.

When thinking about how big this world is our actions today do not seem to play such an important part in forming the future culture of it. The possibility of our actions making a dent on this earth don’t seem to hold too much weight in our day to day lives.


The truth is that we are all “butterflies”.

You & I have the ability to have an ENORMOUS effect on this earth, with even our smallest acts.

The slightest flap of our wings creates sounds and movements so loud that the rest of our world can be altered as a result.

Great Power, Great Responsibility

We have more power than we give ourselves credit for and as the famous Spider-Man quote says “With great power comes great responsibility”.

As humans we often time overlook and underestimate the power which we hold and carry. We must wield our swords wisely and be ridiculously intentional about our words and actions.


The other day a friend said something that really stood out to me and I haven’t been able to get it out of my head since,

Don’t be afraid of owning the moment, a moment can turn into a movement” ..

Movements start off small.

It starts off with saying no to giving up a seat at the front of the bus and can lead to a huge boycott on public transportation that makes it to future history books. (Rosa Parks)

It starts off with standing up for yourself and can lead to the overthrowing of an evil dictator thus freeing your country. (The Mirabal Sisters-Las Mariposas)

The momenta that you “own” make it to history which is essentially HIS story.

There are moments that create movements and there are movements that are important to the future of this world.

So as my wise friend said DON’T BE AFRAID OF OWNING A MOMENT…but also be very careful of the moments you own and movements you create.

Flap Your Wings

So flap your wings and flap them wisely for the whole world feels the effect of them, whether you are aware or not. You are actively forming the architecture of our future world, you are actively creating what the future looks like, YOU ARE IMPACTING THIS WORLD GREATLY.

Are you stewarding such power well?

The challenge

Look at your day to day life and ask “How are the things that I am doing today impacting the world as a whole?”. Practice intentionality, double & triple think your words and actions and create a better world for us ALL.

Flap your wings, Own the moments, Start the movements, Help shape this world well.



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