March’s Pocket Full of Pep Talks

You guys know that I am THE BIGGEST fan of pep talks.

I am ALL FOR them. I give them to myself, I give them to others and I completely encourage them in everyday life. I just think that they can play an important part in someone’s day (usually that someone is ME). We need these words of encouragement sometimes, we need some things to be put into perspective and we need people that know when a pep talk is needed and will be willing to speak into our lives.

I want to be here for just that.

So when thinking/praying for YOU I figured this would be the perfect post for a day like today.

Pep Talks are MY thing.

Morning’s are NOT.

So when the two meet (and they do meet often) something MAGICAL happens.

“May came with Pep Talks”


(Pep Talks include free wallpaper to serve as a reminder today/this week.)

  YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH. Good enough in times of pain, in times of joy, in unclear times and times with clear skies, in times of worry, in times of rest. Good enough to get things done, good enough to accomplish your goals, good enough to build a great life. Don’t allow today’s challenges to weigh you  down. You were born for THIS, to fiercely take on the world and become a portal to Heaven here on Earth, NO MATTER WHAT. You are good enough to be used by Him, good enough to be His vessel. Let him guide you and use you today.

You are good enough.

Brave enough.

Capable enough.

Strong enough.

Important enough.

Powerful enough.

You are HIS Child and for that reason alone you will ALWAYS be enough.

Be Patient. Take one day at a time. Things seem scary when you try to think too ahead and forget to live in the now , forget to trust the Father who is ALL KNOWING. Place your plans/expectations in HIS hands today and take a deep breath. Just listen. Listen to His voice and His direction.

He’ll reveal things step by step and even when what He says (or what you’re seeing) doesn’t make sense remember that he sees THE BIG PICTURE and guides you well.

You’re safe on the road less traveled. You’re safe when you grab a hold of His hand. You’re safe when you let Him lead the dance.

When the waters are rising, when your thoughts overwhelm, when things seem blurry He is holding it ALL together. Trust in the fact that He goes before you, he prepares the way for you. You are in GOOD hands.

This too shall pass.

The waters calm at the sound of His voice, your thoughts align to His, and the fog lifts when you trust.

Rest in His presence. Rest in the fact that He is making a way and turning ALL to good.

In need of some more encouragement?
Need one more pep talk to get you going?
Check out a personal pep talk I shared last year here.

Praying for uplifting spirits and an amazing rest of the week ❤️ & remember Today’s a great day. You can AND You will! 


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