My Little Social Media Detox Journey

For a while I had been anticipating going on a social media break. However, wanting to keep up with the blogging world always made me second guess the thought. I thought about how I get most of my traffic from social media and that this break would possibly mean a break from blogging as well. I wrestled with the idea for a while and finally decided to go for it on the basis of being still in a nonstop world.

To be honest, I just really felt like I needed this break.

And I was so right!

Here are some of the things that I realized throughout it…

1.  I had a ton of time on my hands and most of the time I had no idea what to actually do with my phone. This made me very productive and truthfully more proactive with my relationship with God.

Don’t get me wrong, I had no problem regularly involving God in my day to day but somewhere along this little break I discovered the fun of inviting God into every little detail throughout my day (from walking with me to class on a Friday to driving to reading my textbook). Seriously y’all!

There’s so much power in the little things because a simple walk to class turned into an adventure and the same path that I walk every week turned into my little creativity patch. I had to walk with my phone in hand because for some reason inviting God to walk with me to class turned into Him sparking up my creativity again and again. Inviting Him in while driving turned into praying for and blessing the guys that’ll cut me off in the road and reading my textbook turned into Him speaking to me through the most random things.

2.  I was present and embraced community even more.

It’s so easy to be distracted by your phone or social media while around the people that you love. This break served more as an eye opener to be more present with the people around me.

Someone very close to me made a comment that bothered me (mostly because it was probably true) he said “Oh, You’re only talking to me this much because you’re off social media). His comment made me realize that it’s easy to shut people out at times while glued to the screen and THAT IS NOT THE PERSON I WANT TO BE.

3. I’m on social media wayyyyyy too much. (I’ll say it’s mostly because of OGR but I’m not sure if that’s true.)

One of my friends called me one day and asked ”Are you okay?”. She said that she got worried because she realized that she hadn’t seen me post in days and wanted to check in on me.

4. I felt a little left out of the real world. I was the last to know about engagements or projects people had been doing, pregnancy announcements etc.

5. I read more, way more.

I use to be an avid reader. My excuse lately had been that I didn’t have enough time on my hands to read, but on this break finding myself with a ton of extra times I grabbed up a couple of books and it was GREAT!

Going back to social media after the weeks that I had off felt a little strange to me. A part of me felt like I had to regain the last couple of weeks back and “get updated” and as I scrolled down my feed I felt less interested in the idea.

While I love Social Media and the way that it connects you to people and friends all around, I found myself less interested in checking it every 3 seconds and more interested in genuine connections. So yes, something changed in those weeks. I no longer feel like spending hours glued to my phone on Instagram and I’m way more aware of the people and things around me that matter.

I definitely recommend a social media break to everyone because sometimes we need to unplug in order to focus on ourselves, God and the world around us more. It’s easy to get sucked in, it’s easy to get addicted, it’s easy to fall into the traps of social media but taking time to unplug is always, always, always GREAT.


The Guide to your Social Media Detox:

UNPLUG: Whatever that looks like to you. You can delete all social media from your phone (that way you will not be tempted to check anything or accidentally click on one of the apps while on your break) or Move the apps away from your home screen and  turn off notifications. You can even just set time limits for when you do visit social media or have days of the week in which you re completely social media free, whatever works for you.

FOCUS: Take the time spent off of social media to focus on yourself, your relationships, quiet time with God. Write down experiences, be aware of how you’re feeling throughout the detox and jot down things that you learn along the way.

PRACTICE PRESENT: Be intentional about being fully present in whatever you are doing, whether its a lunch date or your quiet times.


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