Created Creative

What was the first thing that God did in the bible?

*Go on, I’ll give you some time to go take a peek before I actually tell you*

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”

-Genesis 1:1 (the emphasis is mine)

In the beginning God CREATED.


This sentence alone speaks of who God is, He is THE CREATOR. I love that that is the first thing in the word that we get to see God do, it’s the first image we get of Him.

Later on in Genesis it states that God created mankind in HIS IMAGE which means that we look like God. We have Godly characteristics, there’s a piece of Him in each of us.  By default this means that you and I were made CREATIVE.

I know that there’s this whole argument out in the world about how some people are “creatives” and some are simply just not. I honestly believe that that is a BIG FAT LIE. Although we are all made to be creative, we aren’t all made to be creative in the same way. This seems like an obvious statement being that if we were all creative in the same way then it wouldn’t be creativity. So, I believe that the people the world has deemed as “less creative” are just simply creative in a way that isn’t considered artsy.

I am going to make a very bold statement that I believe with all my heart,


From the blogger to the teacher to the mechanic to the mathematician and on and on and on. We constantly create things even when we’re unaware. We craft worlds with our tongues, we cook meals, we create stories, we produce formulas, etc.


a person skilled at a particular task or occupation.

(Dictionary.com’s Definition)

If you really look at your life, you will begin to see all the little ways in which you are walking in your identity as a creative, child of THE CREATOR.

We are to make, to do, to create just like our father does. You have everything that it takes within you and a whole world desperate to taste and see the pieces of creativity that He has placed within you.

Whatever your interest, whatever your craft, BE ENCOURAGED to walk in the creativity that was intertwined into the strands of your DNA long before you were born.


How are you using your creativity today?




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