12 Books to Read to your Children (or any child)

Today is National Children’s Day. A day dedicated to cherishing and spending time with the children in our lives. In honor of today I wanted to do something different and blog about one of my favorite things…


If you know me you know that I can sit in the children’s section of a library/book store for hours going through books and be content. I have my own collection of books that I absolutely love (and hope to one day pass it on to my future little ones).

Here are some books that I can’t wait to share with y’all. These are honest reviews and I genuinely think that you should get all of these for the children in your lives (and even for yourselves). I promise that they are worth it (and might even make you cry, or is that just me?)

So grab a child (your child, your neighbors child, your sibling, whoever) and LET’S READ!

*These are in no specific order as it is ridiculously difficult for me to find a favorite*

1. Oh, the thinks you can think! Dr.Seuss

Dr. Seuss books are timeless and in my opinion ALL of them are great! This book encourages the reader to use their imagination. There are so many things to think up and its’ silliness, rhymes and encouragement enables us to do just that.

2. Sky Color Peter H Reynolds

This wonderful book encourages readers to think outside of the box. When Marisol realizes that there is no blue paint to paint the sky for the mural that her class is creating, she has to find another way to make it happen. By being aware of the beauty around her she discovers that the sky can be many color and her classmates stand in awe of the “sky color” that she comes up with.

3. 3 in 1: A Picture of God Joanne Marxhausen

This has to be one of my absolute favorites. It is such a great resource for teaching children about the Trinity (the Father, Son and Holy Spirit). It uses the analogy of an apple to break down each part of the Godhead in a child friendly way.

4. The Day the Crayons Quit Drew Daywalt

Duncan finds a pack of letters from his crayons letting him know exactly how they have been feeling. His crayons have had enough and decide to QUIT. He realizes that he can be a little more careful and nicer to his beloved crayons. This book is about kindness and being aware of how you may be making others feel, an amazing lesson for our littles.

5. The Dot Peter H. Reynolds

This amazing book is about making your mark. While in art class Vashti struggles with what to draw, at the end of the class Vashti is discouraged that she has only made a dot. The next day her art work is hung up above her teacher’s desk and Vashti is determined to make a better dot.

6. A Perfectly Messed Up Story Patrick McDonnell

I have a special love for this book. It landed on my lap at a time where I really needed this message. This book takes you through a story where the character comes across some roadblocks but realizes that even with the chaos around things are still okay. (Yes, I definitely cried reading this book)

7. Ish Peter H. Reynolds

Ramon is an artist but realizes that his masterpieces don’t quite look like he wants them to. He grows frustrated for a long period of time and just when he is about to give up until his younger sister reminds him that he is always inspiring someone even with his “imperfect” art. I love this message! We don’t have to be perfect to inspire others, we just have to be us.

8. Caps for Sale Esphyr Slobodkina

This is another classic. I remember reading this when I was in about 1st grade and loving it. It is the story of a peddler and some very silly monkeys. This story is super fun and has room for tons of activities to do with your kiddies.

9. The Word Collector Peter H. Reynolds

Jerome loves words and collects them. One day as he is carrying his words he drops them and realizes that some words go very well together and that he can knit them into songs and poems. He decides to share his words with the rest of the world. This story has such a powerful message. Our words are powerful and can help, heal and touch others.

10. What do you do with an idea? Kobi Yamada

This book is about a child who one day finds an idea. The child wonders where the idea came from and more importantly what to do with it. He realizes that ideas are meant to do one thing… one very important and very powerful thing. This is such an enlightening book where children are pushed to embrace their creative processes and how important it is to nurture their ideas.

11. Happy Dreamer Peter H. Reynolds

You guys know I’m all about dreams. This book enables children to follow their dreams (the big ones, the small ones, and the ones that seem impossible) and to DREAM BIG!

12. Lizzy the Lioness Lisa Bevere

Lizzy learns that sometimes the bravest thing that we can do is ask for help. This story encourages us all to rise up and be the brave beings that we are. This picture points to God’s true definition of Bravery and teaches children that it’s not just about being the loudest and toughest.

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