For Such a Time as This


Hey Ladies,

I hope that you are staying safe and well in spite of all the things going on around us.

My heart has been so heavy lately.

Our world, our communities, our families are facing pressing times. An issue that we have been faced with, far too often lately, is social injustice, racial divide and customs that are imbedded in the system of our country that bring oppression.

I want to take some time and this platform to address some of those things today.

When innocent lives are constantly being taken and the injustices prevail we MUST say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and take our place as Christians. Let us NOT forget that we have a role to play. 

We constantly pray things like 

“God, bring revival”, “God, I want to stand in the gap for your people”, “Break my heart for what breaks yours”, and “Send me”; But when given the opportunity to act, we are idle. 

I am all too guilty of this. This blog post is also me CHECKING MYSELF!

We cannot and should not play small, NOT NOW. What if you were born FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS?

For if you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance for the Jews will arise from another place, but you and your father’s family will perish. And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?”

Esther 4:14

These words echo in my heart. Esther stood up for her people. She stood up against OPPRESSION. She knew that what was happening was not in God’s heart and she took action!

If you are like me; angered, disgusted, and completely heart broken about these issues, I encourage you to allow those feelings to be catalysts to TAKE ACTION.

What does taking action look like?

-Speak up; Use your VOICE & your PLATFORM

-Address and correct racism in yourself and others

-PRAY continuously.

-Call your congressmen

-Support an organization or person on the front line of this battle.

-Hold your government, your friends, your household accountable.


But nothing will change unless we speak up. Nothing will change unless we address our biases first. Nothing will change unless we’re willing to stand up and fight for what is PLAINLY wrong.


We’re adding to the problem if we

-turn a blind eye

-fail to correct a racial comment

-say racial “jokes” or laugh at them

-do not address this issue in ourselves and with our loved ones.

-minimize or underestimate our voice


I read this post by @arielleestoria 

And it led me to this thought…

Jesus wasn’t intimidated by the unjust laws that He walked into. He addressed the “other”. He fought for them. He loved them. He went against culture’s “established rules” when He needed to in order to meet someone’s need.

To be a Christian is to LOVE people and HATE the injustices that oppress them. To be a Christian is to understand the power of your words but also realize that your silence carries weight as well.

Let’s stand. We were made to make a difference someway, somehow.
It’s easy to feel small and think that you are only ONE person (& what can one person really do?) but YOUR voice matters. 

I’m lifting each and every one of us up in prayer and declaring strength, wisdom, boldness and the like over us. May we feel God’s heart towards His people more than ever during this time. I am praying for Esther like grace over each and every one of us, the kind that puts us before Kings and sets up the pathway towards the liberation of our people, the liberation of ALL people. Amen!

Below I have linked a couple resources that you can use

With Love,


2 thoughts on “Stand

  1. OGR thank you! Thank you for being a voice for this generation, thank you for taking a stand and sharing TRUTH on your platform. It is so encouraging and so bold- when others choose silence and passiveness you dont! You go against the grain and norm and shed light on what needs to be spoken! Thank you for being like Christ- not afraid of controversy and being exactly whats needed in the face of injustice, a voice, an outlet, hope! I love this very much, so many of us need to hear this! Thank you! Thank you! Thank You! #yournumber1fan #iaintagirl #MsToler


    1. Thank you for these sweet words. I’m only trying to stand for what I know is right and in God’s heart. Sometimes it might not seem like (or even be much) but I will forever use my platform to speak on things that need to be spoken. Thank you for your constant encouragement and support. Love you!!!!


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